Hey Jess
Graphic + UX/UI Design

Chula League

Leading a team to design logos and website


I led the team of four that created the new logos for Chula League — a nonprofit that works toward furthering art support and education — and one of their major initiatives: Little Artist Big Artist.

Some notes about the Chula League logo:

  • Color palette inspired by Central American color schemes; bright and kid-friendly without being primary.

  • The shapes are inspired by brush strokes since it’s an art-focused nonprofit, and together they represent leaves or branches of a tree, showing growth and development. The trunk of the tree is the negative space within the U.

The main shapes from the Chula League logo are carried over to the Little Artist Big Artist logo, which is a mentorship program that pairs adult artists with kids at East Austin elementary schools.


As the leader of this team — a part of the Createathon, an overnight design hackathon — I presented our projects to the rest of the participants and the Chula League board. After the project and presentation, I joined their board for a year. There I helped organize their Little Artist Big Artist program and the Cherrywood Art Fair. I also designed some key pages for their new Cherrywood Art Fair website, designed materials and signboards for the event, and more.

2014 and 2015