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Hand-lettered logo for knitter WrenKnits

My mother Karen is a skilled and dedicated knitter. In fact, she gets frequent requests for commissioned work. (Go check her out over at www.wrenknits.com.) I worked with her to create a hand-lettered logo to take her knitting expertise to the next level.

She really puts heart into her work — making everything by hand and tailoring each piece to its recipient — so the logo had to capture this. I wanted to create something that was personal to her heart and tastes—she likes cute illustrations that have a quirky feel to them —while also being a mix between handmade and professional.

The result was a lettered “WrenKnits” with the “S” leading into a cutesy skein of yarn that formed a “K” for Karen.

We had the logo made into a stamp so she can stamp her care tags that she attaches to each finished piece.

Then we launched a simple Squarespace website, which she manages and updates regularly with photos of her work.