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Graphic + UX/UI Design

CORT - Content Pages

Organizing and designing content pages for ecommerce experience



  • Collaboration with Online Business Development team, including project manager, CTO, designers, developers

  • Sketching

  • Low-fidelity wireframes

  • High-fidelity mockups

  • Rapid iteration

  • Content organization and information architecture

    2017 - 2018


I was tasked to design a page that features all furniture collections, as well as an example of a single collection page, both for desktop. Through iteration and discussions, this ended up turning into an entire “ideas & inspiration” section on the website.

We actually went through the sketch > wireframe > design process a few times for this project. Below are some examples of various stages of the project.


These “ideas & inspiration” pages aim to:

  1. Showcase CORT’s specific furniture collections

  2. Act as style inspiration for the customer

  3. Educate the customers about what makes the furniture unique, including the quality and materials

  4. Lead customers to rent products that they like, and those that pair well

  5. Educate the customers about how and why to rent furniture


I brainstormed and sketched out a number of lo-fi wireframes to discuss with my team before moving to hi-fi interactive mockups. Throughout the process, our modules, content, and capabilities changed.


Here are some wireframe concepts for the ideas and inspiration homepage, style guides, and a page for a specific type of style. We ended up with simpler, more succinct designs in the end due to various constraints, like lack of custom content upon launch, and lack of time to create animations that I had suggested.


Following are some initial mockup concepts of collections pages.

The first page shows an example of what the overall collections page could look like, and the second is an example of what a specific collection’s page could look like.

Each module is customizable to the collection and the the customer’s location. For instance, collections with higher quality or more unique products may have more educational modules about the materials and designs. For all collections, only product that is available in the customer’s location will be shown in the “frequently rented together” module.


My Last Contribution and Beyond

I continued to revise these “collections” page sand “ideas & inspiration” pages, rapidly iterating with team guidance for desktop and mobile. They pretty drastically changed throughout the process, as we realized that creating new content would be a great undertaking. For MVP we decided to only use existing blog content. You’ll see that in my final designs, there are content blocks that link to existing blog posts.

See examples of my final mockups below (with circles as placeholders for icons I later created).

Since my collaboration with CORT , their internal team took over the design and development of the site. You can see the final version live on the site here. It’s relatively similar to what I designed.