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Graphic + UX/UI Design

CORT - Modular Homepage

Organizing and designing personalized homepage modules for new ecommerce experience



  • Collaboration with Online Business Development team, including project manager, CTO, designers, developers

  • Sketching

  • Low-fidelity wireframes

  • High-fidelity mockups

  • Rapid iteration

  • Content organization and information architecture

    2017 - 2018


CORT is a furniture rental company that was building an entirely new ecommerce experience. I was tasked to design a homepage with modules that can be customized to different audiences. For the purpose of this task, I was to create examples for an unknown individual, an enterprising individual, a student, and a B2B customer.


CORT has many business segments and different audiences (students, military families, general consumers, businesses, and more). When a specific customer visits the homepage, they may be overwhelmed with all the content and messaging, and not know where to gather information tailored to them.


The goal was to create website pages that are personalized for the user to help increase conversion rates and bring the most relevant information to the forefront.  If we know who the user is, we can customize and personalize their content. Each type of module would be the same for each user, but the actual content within the module would be personalized.


I cut from paper different types of modules to arrange and brainstorm what would work best for our users.


Based on the paper modules, I created multiple iterations of lo-fi digital wireframes for team review.



Next up were hi-fi mockups. Based on team feedback and brainstorm sessions, I simplified the number of modules and types of content. These examples are all for a homepage visitor, though one is an unknown persona and the other is a student.

My Last Contribution and Beyond

I continued to revise the homepage designs based on business decisions and product manager guidance. For instance, we needed to include CORT Events and other business units on the main homepage, and we reduced the need for personalization. In the end, the overall purpose and functionality of the homepage shifted. We were no longer going to customize the modules.

Below is one of my final design concepts for the homepage.

Since my collaboration with CORT, their internal team took over the design and development of the homepage. You can see the final version live on the site here. You’ll notice they ended up shifting the design and direction.